My Torrid Mind

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Morning Storm
San Diego
Photography by Amy Shepherd

Sal and Tiger
Photography by Amy Shepherd

Photography by Amy Shepherd
I don’t really new the horn. Im the loudest #sockersfan at any given home game. I welcome everyone to challenge me. Because the more noise we make the happier the #sandiegosockers are and thus the better they play. I lost my voice after the last game. Come on out to the #valleyviewcasinocenter January 18th 2014 and support your #sandiego Sockers and prove me wrong ALL game long that you have more #teamspirit and a louder voice than I do.  I love my #winning San Diego #soccer team win or loose and I hope you do too.  Come out and #proveit !! Accept my challenge 💙💛⚽️💙💛⚽️💛💙⚽️💛💙 See you at the game? #pasl #soccer #indoorsoccer #sandiegosockers  (at Valley View Casino Center)
Enjoy every zen moment when it’s there. It will never be again. Each one as beautiful as the other but always different. Some moments are smaller than others but no less significant. Fleeting or lingering each moment embraces the heart, mind, body and spirit and lifts you to a higher state of peace, balance and well being. - LanaNugNug